Catalyst IT & Conventional IT

Catalyst IT & Conventional IT

Catalyst IT Grows Business while Conventional IT Supports and Serves Business


  • Business strategy
  • Strategic objectives
  • Enterprise Architecture: Holistic view of the value system


Catalyst IT

Making business digital, agile and gaining competitive advantage

Business Objectives
  • New revenue, business objectives
  • Competitive advantage, strategic position within eco/value system
  • Time to value
  • Customer satisfaction
  • New business models enabled by digitalization
  • Lower unit costs through disruptive innovations within the value chain
  • Speed and agility in service development
  • Lean start-up, fast testing of business assumptions
  • Business and customer orientation
  • Capability to digitalize
  • Assessment of current value system against digitalization opportunities
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Analytics, big data, my data, neural net


Conventional IT

Delivering services with quality and cost efficiency

Business Objectives
  • Service quality
  • Service continuity
  • Lower service unit cost
  • Modernization of service delivery
  • Efficiency
  • Vendor management
  • IT service management (ITIL)
  • SLA management, sanctions and bonuses
  • Lean philosophy, flow efficiency
  • Shared interest with suppliers to develop services towards business objectives


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